Training: "Effective Leadership and Governance" by Dr. Ermira Babamusta

Are leaders born or made? This was the key question during the international training "Effective Leadership and Governance" conducted by Dr. Ermira Babamusta with the multi-ethnic members of LDA Balkan (Leadership Development Association Albania, Kosovo & Presevo) on June 4, 2020 via Google Meet.

Many thanks to Qëndrim Hoxha for the invitation to be a guest speaker and Training Manager for the 130 members that participated.

Dr. Ermira Babamusta, former President of the Presidential Campaign for US President Barack Obama, held a training for LDA Balkan members on "Leadership and Effective Governance".

One of the priorities of LDA Balkan is the professional training of our members, so on Thursday on 4.6.2020 LDA organized the leadership training only for its members. This training was conducted by Dr. Ermira Babamusta, Foreign Affairs & Authors Expert.

Ermira holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Administration, and has earned two Master's degrees in the same branch. She is the winner of several awards, such as the Golden Award of President Obama from the White House, "Woman of the Year", etc.

Dr. Babamusta began her career in foreign affairs at the US Congress, first at Capitol Hill to work for Senator Tom Harkin and later for Congressman Mark Kennedy. The New York Department of Peace also worked for the UN.

For more information please visit LDA Balkan (Leadership Development Association)

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